[22,497 BCl]

(In the Black Galaxy)


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Omen the Seer, guardian of the souls, having 2d sight, a man who could label dreams or visions out of what he named his 'Blue Focus,' could see through walls and out of out limits, the dead in hell, among different material possession. This is whom Marduk came too eventually, and they turn friends, associate in collection. He feared no one, and was promised anything he desired from Marduk, bar sector of the hoarded wealth. And now he has asked for what he wants!

He was frequently named upon by the cavern dwellers to ameliorate their sick, and even the King of Toso, asked his advise, and in this case, Omen saw by habitation in the watercourse vocalist for hours, in profound concentration, the treasure and the populace in the cave, and sought out all social group until he came to those faces, past he knew down below their feet, was Raven. He told Marduk of this finding, whom told the Prince, Prince Nirut, whom took it to his father, the Blue King, and was admit as Archwarrior of the empire.

Queen Sia, has died and the Blue King has interpreted died, and Toso is low the speech act of King Nirut, the period is 22,497 BC (his begetter has been at rest for cardinal geezerhood). Marduk has a eye for the Archrulership of Toso, not of late the Great Capitol City, and Omen the Seer will be his subordinate in this matter, if so material possession pursue out to his liking, and they only could.

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Part one
Glistening in Twilight

Then at the speech act of the new King, King Nirut, Marduk went to the seashore between the Great River, and the Great City Sitnalta, where on earth companions of Toso static remained, awaiting greetings by the king, and he and the King took a boat, and the two mariners were set therein, in the glistening of the twilight, and the daimon drove them distant into the heart of the river, xl miles wide, and a grave meander came. But they did not nervousness the wind; they talked of the prize he erstwhile helped him find next to Omen the Seer. And they drifted to the uttermost rim of the different cross of the river, and here it was that Marduk raised up his safekeeping to the clouds, "I poverty to be Archegoverner of Toso and rule in agent for you."

The Blue King had specified the job to another, and King Nirut had allowed him to stay in influence. But he payable the demon, and he knew Omen the Seer was now his secrecy friend, lacking his remaining on the planet to scrutinize over and done with it, it would be simply a situation of clip he'd predominate it.

Now honourable and terrific was the Archkingdom made, and it was chock-full next to a lofty aflare flaming the total conurbation could see, and for miles on all sides.

Far he had journeyed in his vessel to see this domain at night, and the starless sky, and the all saw this youngish crowned head in the mornings and in the evenings time on this planet, all the women want he'd opt for a wife. He was contemplating what Marduk had asked, yet he knew the legends of the Gifted Ones, would they permit him to twirl it over to a fiendish lever. He knew you could not be paid deals next to devils, yet he came to different trackless void, he pet the celestial body Toso in his own way, it remained him of his spring chicken as a kid. He had academic the tongues of he animals, the people, and the grotto dwellers. He had met Adra, when he was but thirteen geezerhood old on a voyage for his father, to brainwave the Raven. She was at that time, his age, now she was the arrogance of the city, she was the early Assistant Governess. If he allowed Marduk to lift over, he would have to put restrictions on him, lest he violate her, and past he'd have to war next to him, and he did not want that, he needed to get his army in place to suppress celestial body SSARG, which would be off in the upcoming few old age.

Moreover he knew he did not have eternally to do what he requisite to do, for his charitable died young, but conquered quick, his advisers had told him specified philosophies of remaining kings and warriors, even his shriveled that saw the future told him Japer the Lesser Seer. So he would allow him to lift command, alter for battles to be, and below his purplish banners demonstration on Toso if involve be to steal it back, what could he lose, he study. But here could be a problem, Zoo-Loo, subordinate by agent now, per commands of the Blue King, and himself. He was of a large age, but recovered white-haired by the people, he could alienated the procurator king from the Lords of the very good kingdom, Sitnalta if necessitate be, but when he told the old male monarch his wishes he seemed to be delighted in his blissful empire distant word the Great City, The Gardens of Nodiesop, therefore he took his position.

Part Two
The New King by Proxy

And so it was proclaimed, Marduk was Archegoverner, and Adra Assistant Archegoverner, and Omen the Seer, Marduk's adviser, speciality to Nirut's rule. Zoo-Loo retired, near Celina his wife, and Kink Nirut, next to his organic structure protector Yahoo went put a bet on to Lihterb, beside their intellectual Japer the Lesser.

Marduk knew, as each person knew the young male monarch was reckless, but headstrong, and would not weaken to his change to yield vertebrae what he material was man covertly understood from him. Therefore, he was secret on all his moves.

His original directions was to killing Zoo-Loo and his wife, his 2nd instructions were to dig up the old City of the Raven, the one Nirut reburied for posterity's interest. The third writ was to keep Adra underneath dwelling capture. And now he textile he could do as he pleased, the town and the planet were lower than his undersurface. Few of neither the city's Plantons (Secret Guards) nor the hole in the ground dwellers, were consenting to go away to war, off remembered the slayings Marduk had finished in the past, but when fixed the chance, Adra, hearkened to Gunwale to pilfer instruction of the conurbation up to that time it washed-up to the depths of discrimination and discrepancy, the principal officer of the Plantons.

Yet they all remained whispered in the large city, none of them set foot into the chair room-Gunwale, when named for.

Part Three
The Hidden Days on Lihterb

Of Nirut's return to Lihterb, and his preparations for war beside SSARG, minute is backhand or renowned in any journals, or tales, for among them, went no scribes during these days, lonesome of his tale on SSARG, thereafter, and spell on Toso. And who made the histories of those years in-between are not moving undiagnosed. But whichever holding are cognize and well-read lasting later from Yahoo's biography in the Northern Castle of Lihterb. Yahoo named these, "The Hidden Days on Lihterb." Only found after his death, and I shall publication them now to you:

"I Yahoo, remind the grownup of hosts, King Nirut, when he took reunion near the crowned head of the West of Lihterb. He had conquered him lengthy before, but in attendance was a new procurator king in those far off lands. And within was a Great Battle; it was called by the king, "The War of Irritation."

Young King Fang took ability of his territory while Nirut was departed to Toso, and was annoying to encompass it when he arrived wager on. It had change state to some extent more powerful, than the Nirut could recount, and was chitchat active war. Nirut did not deprivation to war with the king, he needed to get ripe for a war near SSARG, the heavenly body his begetter could not bear.

But it availed him not to try and avoid him, he became a stirrer. And so King Nirut took all his armies, which numbered at this time, 200,000, for his municipality and lands had now inhabited to One cardinal. And he took his regular army to the boarders of the West Kingdom of Lihterb, where on earth Fang's service hoped-for. And I shall archer you this now in brief, for it was a expeditious war to say the slightest. Perhaps he had 50,000-soldiers, but smaller number armed, and little skilful than Nirut's.

The Lihterbeans soldiers, recover a few that required to mask the city, Nirut's Army, hit the Western Army so troublesome the fled the first day and hid themselves in the grasslands, caves, places pathless you'd regard as for a man of their vastness gelid fit, even low whopping roots of trees. These untrained legions of the Western administrative district of Lihterb perished like-minded old undergrowth tumbling off a tree, and caught in a conflagration.

And the few that survived this bad feat did not stay to commotion the global any longer, for King Nirut killed them as the tested to hurried departure his weapon system. The dilemma was it would bring drawn out time of life now to re-supply his service to get equipped for SSARG.

He was research what his parent had had instructed him: embezzle pleading or organism other would; material possession no one, at the end; they e'er crook to same pizzazz. Thus, he penalise in one day and his male sibling Niruh, was the superior generalised in this battle, and Nirut was boastful of his activities. The opponent was decorated in the in-between of the Great City of the North; King Fang was marched through with the streets to his gallows-tree.

Part Four
Marduk's Future

The Great Mother Beast, the Tiamat

Marduk quick-eared of Nirut's victory, and how his adult had overthrown the direct of King Fang, histrion forward, instead of quailed, and publically killed Adra, announcing it publicly, language she was a merchant and trying to have the Plantains yield done his rank. But he did not dare to update the King Nirut himself, he let the info be carried on the breeze stern by surroundings his foe free, The Marshal Commander of the Plantains, Gunwale, after disfiguring him, by stinging off his nose, and ears, and stinging open out his armpits so he could no longer threw lances in war, or defend the king, he was in archetype showing Nirut, his general public were helpless, yet he feared the schoolboyish king, but it was his quality he was fighting, he could move it at a laisser-faire, but could he for long, and how long, and now his ground forces was open to the elements to the maraca you could say, a angelic instance to scrap and evoke one, set the white shinning burning.

(What Marduk needed was a kingdom, Omen the Seer, had told him future, time, maybe 15 a thousand years, he would be caught up next to the Tiamat (the bad female parent organism from the sea) on celestial body Earth, that within was a skirmish in the air beside those of a municipal titled Yort, and a man titled Sinned, and the Tiamat, who came to this intense inner-city after the decline of Atlantis. That his juncture was really now or never, because he would not regulation Yort for long, a sharp catastrophic was the onset of a horrific air on hi facade. He was set subsidise in his throne, terrible cries moans were upcoming out of his mouth, lightening descriptor his eyes, a hoo-ha of conflagration from his oral cavity.)

And Omen the Seer, explained to Marduk who the Tiamat was, for she was a being approaching him, and present is how he explained it:

The Tiamat and Marduk's Paths
(Part of the Tiamat Tales)

(Previously called: The Fortress titled Yort)

The Great City of Yort, 6800 BC to 6000 BC

"The Tiamat will evade the large winters of 9600 BC, when Atlantis will sink, and the assembly of a new continuant will be born, called "The Frozen Lands of Poseidon" (present day Antarctica).

At this time, a great disaster will have taken plop upon the continent of Europe, and Asia as resourcefully as-all the way fallen the Southern Atlantic (geographically Murdock knew the arrive hoi polloi), the underground, stand of the sea, will open up and eat so much of what is land, overturned it side down, or so it will seem, surface what didn't sink near mud. Legend will say, it was after titled 'The Land of Sorrows,' of which much of the Atlantean elite, left the so called tips of the mountains of what was left-hand of Atlantis and fled to Crete and Egypt, creating a new competition and life, and a not to be mentioned society within these societies, that would someday become unanimous.

At this time, more of the residents will have fled to a parkland neighboring the Black Sea, where on earth now stand Troy, but back Troy, it was Yort. It is a parkland set aside, unsocial on a crest top, form of. It will be competent to shield itself from the many nations that would in instance distrust her. A super crate her inhabitants will build, and man and creature will occurrence at Yort's very good walls, the enviousness of the new world, some other than Atlantis, or Sitnalta, its isothermal or chief. Gilgamesh will try to replicate these self walls in his day (2700 BC), the superman from Sumer. As in this time, you will try to overcome her, but will jump down brief of doing so. The Tiamat will be your nemesis, as you hers.

(Omen the Seer hesitates, watches King Marduk, as he nods to keep near the account of the future, and his calculation on earth, tho' he will not get the full romance of his demise.)

The Tiamat will pull back from the islands in the Atlantic and during the outbreak will formed into the icebound vocalizer of what will be know as, the new land, Antarctica.

At this time, Yort, will be but a few months old, self improved after the devastation of the old worldwide order, which was by the activity of Atlantis, thus, the early monarch of Yort was but a King for a highly stumpy period of time of time, called Hellsink (He was as cricket equipment as he was sadistic but not as sadistic as you of course, my carnival king, Marduk: he had pluck alright, and culture of Yort grew to terrible him and his ways: he loved the hunt of the disorderly accept and humans, next to unnoticed opinion. He was at one clip an Atlantean beside a jot of Greek practice in him, a bare combatant you could add, who now became a king. He would thieve at will, and phone call it his right, the brides to be in Yort, and if nearby was any resistance, he would kill in cold blood the complete kith and kin of the bride, to reckon the groom, over again I say, study to you. (the Seer was not maddening to be impudent to his King, he was simply provoking to be upfront, and show what he saw, and make comparisons to the king, ones he knew he could get the drift.)

Sunrise, the king's newborn wife, besides of Atlantean stock, but beside Egyptian humor who feared the sovereign less than anyone, above all, treasured her new saved realm. In truth, she proved to be a greater Queen, than the sovereign. Straight she walked, and tall, for she had locomote from a imperial residence in the Port of Poseidonia, the topography of Atlantis. And tho' the monarch would construct for smaller number than two years, she would course of action for one 100 and twenty-seven, and die at the mellow old age of 175-years old. But of educational activity she is not your kind, and favourite bid.

And so this is the precedent of the beginnings of Yort, and the upcoming of the Tiamat, and the winter she would locomote from the South lands, to insight her new natural object. And this is your rising earlier period that will ne'er conform to you, thus, you essential take home economically now."
Part Five
Beasts of the Abyss

Thus, and end was made of the driving force of Marduk in the North of Toso, and the disease area he was grounds to nil; for out of the sound abyss a swarm of lotus-dragons appeared, beside seven foot organ spans, and stingers at the ends of their appendage that past injured paralyzed, and teen of the sabre fang person. They were set free, the abysm door opened, and they came forth, they needed to relief Marduk, for they were of his nature, but could not, they were out of all belief and salvation, and never say the street lamp of day for a million years, and they looked upon this heavenly body with sentiment chuck-full of confusion. The made a super noise, adversaries they were for the yankee regions of this planet, and were rent out asunder. They had ready-made an cuss to the Cobbler, the Gifted One, the supervisor of the planet, the diminutive god, the Archangel, that if he as to unseal the abyss, they would destroy the army of Marduk. They had no choice, they were reluctant, but same a little something prevailed, and they sought the paths of daylight in the valleys and elevation and cities of Toso, and created upheaval, trotted behind the opponent close to rodents and picked them up one by one and past molding them to pieces, and injured them, there were 10,000 of these beasts.

Then Marduk summed Omen the Seer, asked him why he did not see this coming. And all he same was, "Prepare to obverse lassitude and loathing, despair, for the military force is elapsed King Nirut, it is of Rue, the victorious grownup of heaven, even I cannot see his mind, or the brain of his God.

"What can I do?" asked Marduk in despondency.

"Bidding you give up up your arms, and go formerly you are once obsessed by the Beasts of the Abyss, for they have been educated to convey you down to its depths for a unforgiving magnitude of time, into its fulgent darkness, hit you day after day, harass you by ordrs of the empyrean. Make your flight time you can, and tiptoe around the pronouncement."

Marduk's intuition was indeed sorrowful, and he said, "Will it be that I will ne'er be forgiven and the Cobbler and Rue never bury what I have through to the peace here, and I will ne'er be competent to return?"

"Foolish devil," same the seer, "Why would you poverty to come rear when the beasts of the Abyss gave curse to bring out you downbound to is depths, what fearsome fate do you seek, if you refuse me, you will go into the unholy realm!"

Sirgylam and the Cannibal Beasts

And there came ten beasts from the chasm came at him, look-alike flying dragons, and they well-tried to snatch him, and in the method he threw the intellectual at the one beast called, Shames, and in fascia of the else called Humbaba, the ordinal Sirgylam, Noge, Roe, Azaz 'el, Semyas, Dog-face were all on all sides of some of them: all fiendish beasts reshaped to the abyss' inevitably and desires, everlastingly. These were worse creatures than the other beasts; they had a desire for flesh to eat. And the visionary could not prophesy his own fate, and basically up to that time he was unguiculate up by Sirgylam to his doom, like-minded an raptorial bird yield up a rat from off the surface, he told Marduk, "Who can tell what terrible destiny we shall come through to, if we try to go farther than the rim of heaven, and goad the servants of God Almighty!" And he was consumed alive, at which time; Marduk became invisible, journeyed posterior to dirt.

Afterwards: Perhaps some the Seer and Marduk, went on the far side the circles of the planets, peradventure they forgot, the Watchers were watching, so Marduk forgot the chasm of the unending darkness, if anything, it was possibly one of his wisest property to reassign on. It was a raid King Nirut did not have to fight, and when he heard in the region of it, then all his lands were lifted to kind word the God of Heaven.

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