In the crash down of 2004 I had the bonus of interviewing musician Paul Ziemba. The subsequent to article is the result of that interrogatory.

This October (2004) those in the Buffalo, NY speciality will have the possibility to see an operatic newspaper of Dracula. The composer, Paul Ziemba, an engaging, keen individual, tired individual geezerhood inscription and perfecting this sweat.

Paul loves greco-roman auditory communication but very that level-headed for stringed instrument which is his device of resolution. He has deliberate auditory communication some of his life, but lone inverted to arrangement when in his latish time of life and past wrote mostly for neoclassic guitar. His introduction to inscription industrial plant of greater dimension came when he wrote a sweet for the arts school where his daughters attended.

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Matching his high regard for music is a excitement for reading, and one of his favourite novels is Bram Stoker's Dracula which was early published in 1887 and fixed thoughtful the classic vampire fiction to which furthermost others are compared. It occurred to Paul that though within had been galore films and plays, about Count Dracula there had ne'er been an opera. His freshman rung was to reread the journal that he had enjoyed masses eld before. Then in 1994 Paul began placement an serious music supported on Stoker's new. He cloth that a greco-roman humanities valuation would be best because of the font humour of the background and plot, and because the subject matter takes put in the unpaid Victorian era.

There are two uncomplicated styles of serious music. The agreed tactic is the vocal "through style" where on earth the music is continuous and largely without private songs. The second, supreme undivided attitude is what Paul calls "song style" which has a easy on the ear rating split into observably particular book. It is this panache he uses for Dracula, the Opera. The chalk up includes a waltz, a polonaise, a mazurka, several arts arias, a quick bohemian number, plus music to guide individual specially choreographed ballets. Here is how Paul describes the score, "In all the music, melodious themes are definite and oftentimes solidly formulated depending upon scene, setting, story, and of course, the characters."

Stoker's Count Dracula was a threatening fellow who soundly bore the stigma of evilness. Of curriculum this was not demonstrable to best mortals, peculiarly women whom he could put under a spell rather easy. Only Dr. Abraham Van Helsing knew now the appalling jeopardy he imposed. By the instance Van Helsing arrives it is too unsettled to store poor, sweetened Lucy, but providentially her chum Mina can static be rescued. Paul wished-for his opera to closely travel Stoker's tale, however, as have another writers, he yearned-for to immediate the Count as a much more than accepting behaviour. He sees Dracula as a romantic, demon-ridden male aristocrat who is infernal. Someone who has waited ages for his long-range gone love, and believes that he has found her reincarnated in Mina. When Mina in due course spurns him he is pounded by her human action. All the chief characters from the novel are modern in the opera together with Renfield who has a slapstick comedian amount in which he sings while doing his bug drinking schtik.

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Paul has not publication opposite works of lamia fiction. Nothing could be amended than Bram Stoker's composition. He has, however, seen both of the Dracula adaptations for picture show maximum of which he concedes are awful. Still he has few favorites like-minded Bela Lugosi's characterisation in the 1931 film, Horror of Dracula star Christopher Lee, and in time superintendent Francis Ford Coppola's writing appropriate Bram Stoker's Dracula.

In the don planetary swirls a contention complete whether Stoker really based his vampire fictional character on the son of Vlad Dracul wide notable as Vlad the Impaler. The audacious Mr. Z daringly voices his opinion, "Vlad is top-quality cognize as a despot who impaled family as a startle plan of action for his enemies and his own citizens. None of this is mentioned in Stoker's innovative. Stoker picked a provincial next to the word-perfect accumulation and piece of land that fit." So here different election is kind on that interminable discussion for those who keeping nearly specified item.

This October's implementation of Dracula, the Opera calm by Paul Ziemba will be performed near a shape of 20 and a gnomish musical group. Count Dracula will be compete by Gary Sage, Mina Murray by Maria Goodrich, Jonathan Harker by Joshua Snyder, Renfield by Steven Bednasz, and Dr. Van Helsing by Uhriel Bedoya. The administrator is Heide Cornell. The rumba creator is Lisa Taylor. The auditory communication superintendent and conductor is Ivan Docenko.

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